Frankie Love: Shuchi Ruchi Restaurant

Food blogger on the prowl!

So after a menial lunch of half a musk melon and half a packet of maska-chaska biscuits and after walking 3 kms inside ISKON, Bangalore I am really hungry. (By the way I love the maska chaska biscuits. Though I just noticed that they have become so thin now they look more like chips than biscuits). Nethra, my co-food blogger took pity on the poor me and suggested to take me to eat the best frankie in Malleshwaram.

Soap Factory to Mantri Mall – The First Namma Metro Ride…and a stupid Tare moment!

From ISKON, we walked to the Soap Factory metro station for a metro ride till Mantri Mall (Majestic). This was also my first ride in Namma Metro where I had a stupidly entertaining moment too 😀 First when Nethra gave me the metro ticket, I was thinking what is this plastic round thing. It looked like carom coins to me, albeit smaller and lighter. I even asked her, “What’s this?” as if she was giving me weed! Atleast, she thought that is how I sounded. Then at the entrance to the platform I was wondering, “Why isn’t the sensor working? Do I need to stand closer to the gates? The station looks pick and span but see this – the sensor is not working. India!” That’s when Nethra said, “You have to show it like this (on the reader, on the right hand side.)” I thought, “Ofcourse. How stupid of me.

This is what my brother would have called – A stupid Tarey moment. (Tarey is what my mom calls me and the brother has picked it up.)

The metro ride was smooth. It wasn’t too crowded, we got seats to sit and alighted all right after 5 stops. We walked out of the metro and into the street. The fast food joint we are going to is about 1 kilometre from Mantri Mall. But then what is a kilometre to 2 girls who love to walk and of course chitchatting comes naturally to us.

Malleshwaram in old Bangalore and the roads are crowded but the footpath is very much available for pedestrian use, not too many hawkers can be seen peddling their wares. Remember to use the footpath, if you visit on foot.

In about 15 minutes we were there. The famous Shuchi Ruchi Veg, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru.


We ordered – Mix Frankie. A mix is always my safest bet. No one single vegetable’s overbearing taste neither the unbearable heaviness of full paneer (cottage cheese) or cheese. An interesting thing to notice here is, while Frankie is a Mumbai speciality and Roll a Kolkata one, in Bengaluru especially at Shuchi Ruchi, the two get mixed with no boundaries, whatsoever. The menu card lists the Frankies under rolls! But thankfully neither of us are Mumbai Indians or Kolkata Night Riders. Phew!

Shuchi Ruchi is a very average looking fast food joint in a very busy area of, like I have already said, old Bangalore. It is not a sit-in place, either. So not really the place to go-sit-timepass. The folks that run the place mean business. You go-pay-eat-go back. As simple as that. We placed out orders. They gave us a copy of the order bill and the other copy is given in to the cooking area. We wait outside. There are high steel tables on the outside for you to stand around and eat. No stools, only the tables. This joint mostly sells food items that you can gobble down real fast – the real fast food joint! You get chats, rolls, burger etc. which don’t need elaborate cutlery and they don’t bother with it either.

In about 7 – 10 minutes, our order is ready. There are no fancy token numbers or coupons or electronic display boards. The cashier signalled to us as we stood talking and that’s it! They just confirmed once verbally if what is given to us is what we had ordered and the frankie’s are all ours 🙂


Coming to the frankie, the vegetables are coated in corn flour mixed with all the chinese food sauces. The filling is wet the right way. The mix/ sauce does not fall out when you bite in, which means no need to hold the other hand under your chin to save the embarrassment of the food falling down. What I personally liked the most about the frankie here is that it wasn’t too spicy unlike other places where I have to keep my mouth open for 2 seconds after every bite for my tongue to cool the spice off and where my nose would always end up watering by the end of the frankie. eeew, I know! They also wrap it really well in a nice butter paper sheet which is way better than a plastic bag. The feeling of eating out of the plastic bag is something I have never enjoyed.

The only sore point for me for the frankie at Shuchi Ruchi is I hope they start making the wrap using wheat flour instead of maida (all purpose flour). The taste may vary but that’s a health freak’s suggestion.

We borrowed the plate from the chat centre beside Shuchi Ruchi (for the photographs, of course) 😀

And if you have time take a stroll, straight, till the next signal. It will hardly take 2 minutes. You will find a small sugarcane juice centre on the same side as Shuchi Ruchi. Complete your street food binge with a pitcher full of Sugarcane juice with ginger. Good on the palate and will do wonders for you digestive tract.


Till we gobble down at another binge-worthy place its adios for now! Drop in suggestions in the comments where you want us to go and try our palates at next. Do comment if you have and/ or when you eat at Suchi Ruchi Veg.

If you want to try out the place, here’s how you go:

Find them on Zomato:

Shuchi Ruchi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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