Kabab Hut, Nagarbhavi

This isn’t a personal blog, so I am not going to rant about what happened the other day. I was just upset and had to eat my way out of all the things that were worrying me those past few days.

The cheapest option that also happens to be close to my place is the Kabab Hut. It serves tasty and healthy source of proteins (and other nutrients, too) – yes, that’s how I see my meals these days. Instead of counting calories, I see whether my food contains all the nutrients that are necessary to stay fit.

I bought a biryani meal platter that included a piece of chicken kabab and parota (made of maida. I know), and half tandoori chicken. It was filling, so filling that I felt I could have done without the tandoori chicken, though two people were sharing it – not the meal, we were just sharing the tandoori chicken.


Biryani was good – not too spicy, not too oily. We ate our food slowly… so eating rice for lunch was not really unhealthy. This restaurant isn’t usually crowded so you get enough time to finish your meal. You can chew your food properly.

Kabab was deep fried. However, they give us just one small piece. It’s alright to eat it once in a while, no?

I wish I had avoided the parota though. It was too much maida and I never really liked processed grain. I had already had a kabab so a parota along with it was way too UNHEALTHY according to me. If only they had served pulkhas (chapatis) instead of parota. If only!

Tandoori chicken is just a tandoori chicken no matter where you eat it. They hadn’t used too much food colour or seasoning so it was good.

The food was definitely worth the money that we paid. And it was so filling that at the end of our lunch, I couldn’t think about anything else other than the food in my stomach and the extra hour I would have to spend at the gym next day. It is really a difficult task to be a food blogger and still want to stay fit. Very difficult, indeed.


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