Lucknowi Rasoi: Something’s Good, Something’s Not

I am a healthy eater but I am a foodie, too!

So, there are these days when I feel like I want to eat from outside. Some thing mast, chat pata! Dil kush karney vala and Tandoori Chicken is my go-to-food. It was a Saturday, I was just back after a book launch and with my flatmate out of town I really wanted to settle down with some good food and a nice movie. And let me be honest, I am a lazy bum. I would any day, order in than go to a restaurant 😀

After I moved to Bangalore, whenever I have to order-in Food Panda and Fresh Menu are my go to. Since, its Tandoori Chicken on my mind – it is Food Panda. It actually took me some 20 minutes to find a restaurant in Koramangala that would home deliver Tandoori Chicken. The catch was I wanted to order from a place that would home deliver on a minimum order of Rs. 150/- or less because though I am a foodie I don’t have a great appetite. I could have just managed to eat half Tandoori Chicken. Actually that would be stuff, really. Most of the places on the list that offered my preferred dish had minimum order limit of Rs. 250/- or Rs. 300/-. And I am true Indian customer. I love free delivery!

Finally I found my combination. Tandoori Chicken. Half. Minimum order for free delivery – Rs. 150/-. Lucknowi Rasoi.

The time for delivery mentioned was 45 minutes! Now this is what is bad about home delivery. If I would have been eating at a restaurant, Tandoori chicken is a starter. It would have been on my table in 15 minutes. Anyways. Gotta pay the price for lazing around the house. Literally!


First things first. The food did not arrive on time. This seems to be a problem with Lucknowi Rasoi. Their chef takes time 🙂 I remember my flatmate ordering a Veg Thali from there and it was the same story. She was hopping mad with hunger and the guys at the restaurant were not on time. She even made a call to the restaurant!

Coming to the food I would say no complaints. Nothing at all. The Tandoori Chicken was exactly like I like it. Tender soft chicken. The spice was absolutely the right balance (I don’t prefer spicy food). Well marinated with the taste of the spices seeping into the chicken and with a dash of lemon juice over it. The mint chutney is the perfect combination for a Tandoori Chicken. It balances the heat of the spice loaded chicken with the cool of the mint. But the balance of mint, coriander and onion is always tricky in a mint chutney. This chutney from Lucknowi Rasoi aces it.

The moment the chicken dipped chutney touches your tongue, the tongue signals salivation. This is a good sign. It means it approves. 🙂

I would definitely want to try more delicacies at this restaurant. Though I would really want them to improve on their timing. As a customer I would love you if you deliver 5 minutes before I expect you. Don’t blame me. Other restaurants have spoiled me, they deliver before they should be.

Happy binging!


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