I’m not a maggi-fan but I love eating noodles – not the Chinese style or the 2-minutes noodles, but the Tibetan, Thai and Korean. There are few places in Bangalore that I frequent to eat my favorite noodle dishes. One is the Roof-top restaurant at the Tibetan Mall, Kormangala, and another is Hae Kum Gang, Castle Street. Then, there is Mamagoto that’s in Indranagar.

I mostly eat soupy noodles, though I have tried glass-noddles (Korean style) and Thai style fried noodles. I like them all, yes. I am a noodles person. It’s better when the noodles are made of rice or wheat, not maida. But, I guess we can’t have everything ‘good’.

Tibetan noddle soup is called Thukpa. I have tried gyathuk (made of stick noodles), thenthuk (made of flat noodles) and mokthuk (made of momos) so far. The roof-top restaurant at the Tibetan Mall is one of the value for money kind of restaurants in Bangalore. My co-blogger Reshmy Pillai will write a detailed review about this restaurant in the near future so watch this space.

I have tried the Korean cold noodles soup at Hae Kum Gang – which is a seasonal dish and is served during summers. I don’t think I liked it all that much. I like my soups warm.


However, I like the spicy seafood noodle soup that they serve. The seafood includes octupus, prawns and clams. The octopus tentacles are chewy just like the flat noodles used in this dish. It took me some time to figure out whether I was chewing the noodles or the octupus.


I am still exploring the world of noodles. However, the journey so far is so good.


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