Pearl Valley: Muthyalamaduvu

I was having another bad week and wanted to escape to some place far – far from people I knew and far from pseudo responsibilities. A  friend suggested we go to Muthyalamaduvu located 5kms from Anekal, Karnataka, which wasn’t very far from Bangalore but far enough – so the drive was going to be comparatively long. The next day, we set out to the Pearl Valley, on his bike.


We had to pass by Electronic City and few other villages to reach Muthyalamaduvu, and the view on our way was breathtaking and inviting. There were trees on either sides of the road that swallowed us in its magic as we travelled towards the Pearl Valley to bury our woes and worries. The view got better when we were returning because it was twilight time.


We arrived at the Pearl Valley sometime late in the afternoon. I remember it was sunny, so yes, we must have gone during summers. It was 2yrs ago so I don’t remember the details word to word. However, I remember how I felt when I stood on top of one of the peaks and looked into the valley that promised nothing but awesomeness and adventure. It was truly magnificent.

When sky is the limit and you’re caught deep in the valley…that’s exactly what I was thinking at that moment. Nature, strangely makes me poetic. It’s really inspiring.


We went down the valley – it was not too deep. We had to take 100 odd steps to reach the bottom. There was a small waterfalls there and the land was rocky. Water was sparse; I am guessing it was because of the season we went in. There was a man bathing in the water and another man sitting near by him was giving us THE looks. It was kind of awkward so we didn’t stick around for long. However, not before we sat on one of the rocks and let our eyes absorb the beauty of the valley. We even took some pictures; pictures of trees, and the rocky paths that made me wonder where will this path take me to… I’m sure it’s some place nicer…


After relaxing for a bit, we climbed back to the peak, and I wandered around a bit until he finished his smoke.

Stairway to Heaven…

There’s a lake nearby and a house by its side. Leaning against the fence, I saw the reflections of my happiness, past mistakes and everything that’s me in there. I thought I would like to live there…watching the stars at night, self reflecting and all.


We had a tiff on our way back but I didn’t let all that spoil my mood. I had encountered something so grievous yet calm. I was under a spell… that I don’t think anything petty could have spoilt my mood. I just told myself that I can deal with it another time and returned home.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s a stunning view and very serene to be surrounded by nature. The place seems to be magnificent and beautiful:)


    1. nethranj says:

      Yes, it was beautiful indeed. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful valley. Did you stay anywhere nearby?


    1. nethranj says:

      It’s 60-80kms away from where I live.


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