Salad at California Burrito

Yes, I got laughed at for eating salad for lunch. A year ago, I would have never thought this would ever happen with me. I always over indulged myself when it came to eating unhealthy. I ate healthy food, too – ragi balls, clear soups, and fermented food – however, I never counted the calories I consumed per day. I still don’t but I at least don’t eat rice for dinner or things like that. I even workout regularly – 7 days a week sometimes, and have lost oodles of weight this past year.

One summer afternoon, I chose to eat salad at California Burrito not because I was counting calories. Yes, it’s healthy and that’s why I ever tried it. But the salad was seasoned with too many spices. I even had it extra spicy…means I was not really dieting. Anyway, it was REALLY delicious, sinful… If I could eat it every day and still lose weight, I would do it without thinking twice. Oh, but my gym coach always encourages me to eat salad that got no seasoning. Damn him! What’s there to life if I can’t consume any salt and sugar at all? So, everyday becomes a cheat day!


I have always liked tangy food – be it raw mangoes, tamarind, or kimchi. Tangy is my taste, though I like spicy food equally. So, I asked the chef to add extra olives and sour cream on the top.

The end product – the salad was crunchy (means the vegetables were fresh), it was tangy (thanks to those extra olives and sour cream), it was spicy (the Mexican spices were good), it was filling (the quantity was good and I had them add a little rice, too), and it felt healthy (they were veggies after all). I forgot to mention the chicken – the barbecued chicken they added to the bowl…well, I didn’t really notice it. It was meagre compared to the vegetables and the red beans.

I ate real quick but the next time I go to California Burrito, I want to count the number of times I chew my food and relish the meal…slowly like a real foodie does.

The next day, I had to walk on the treadmill for 10 more mins. But, it was totally WORTH it. I would rather eat a heavily seasoned salad instead of fried chicken at KFC or a burger at McD.


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