I am a coffee person. I consume at least 2 cups of coffee per day. I used to, at least. Now, I drink green tea regularly because I follow a (not-so-strict) weight-loss diet and workout schedule. I even drink milk tea sometimes because my folks at home do. You know, family time over a cup of tea and all. I like lemon tea, too, but it got too many calories so I try to avoid it.

Anyway, the following are the types of tea that I have tried so far:

Milk Tea:

Boil tea leaves in water, remove the tea leaves using strainer, and mix the decoction with milk and sugar. Serve it warm.

By the way, it tastes great with Parle-G biscuits!

You may also add ginger or cardamom along with tea leaves into the boiling water to give it a different flavour.

source: fawesome.ifood.tv

Green Tea:

Use either tea bags that you can just dip in the hot water or boil the green tea leaves in water to make green tea.


source: cancerfightersthrive.com

Lemon Tea:

Squeeze a lemon into a pan of boiling water and tea leaves. Add some sugar and keep stirring it with a spoon until the sugar dissolves completely. Then, serve it warm.

source: ionutrition.com

Ginger Tea:

Boil 3 ounces of ginger in water. Use strainer to remove the boiled ginger. Add honey to your tea and serve it warm. You may also squeeze some fresh lemon into your tea.

source: afoodieworld.com

Ginseng Tea:

I tried it in one of the Korean Restaurants here. It was pretty costly – I guess because of the supply and demand whatever. It was different from all the other tea I have had so far. They say it’s very goof for health and all. But, I can afford it only once in a while.

source: organicfacts.net




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