Barbeque Nation, Kormangala

I was meeting Siddhesh Kabe (a friend) after almost two years. We had a lot of catching up to do and talk some comics. Yes, we did all that alright. However, we ate until our tummies almost burst at Barbeque Nation. It was his idea. He thought I had lost too much weight and wanted to properly feed me…hahaha 😀

I don’t go to Barbeque Nation often… but whenever I go, I hog like a pig. And it’s better when I am accompanied by someone who loves food almost as much as I do, or even more. By the end of the day, my stomach was so crammed that food was the last thing I wanted to think about but that was the only thing on my mind…and in my stomach.

Barbeque Nation is known for its barbecued meat and vegetables that they serve as starters, of course. But what strikes you is the quantity. It is unlimited. By the time you are done with the starters, you don’t want to eat anymore. I forced a little biryani, salad and desserts down my stomach, though, because I wanted to taste them, to write this review.


We hadn’t made any reservations because we planned this suddenly so we were made to sit in the rooftop area – an open space meant no AC. However, they had these coolers around us and that cooled off some heat, and when we began eating and talking comics, we forgot everything else.

I was on a (pseudo)diet for quite sometime and all the barbecued meat – fish, prawns, chicken and mutton – was a feast not only to my eyes but also to my deprived taste buds. I liked the barbecued vegetables and fruits as well, especially the pineapples – they tasted so sinful. The meat was perfectly seasoned and our plates were replenished so quickly that we didn’t realise how much we ate – I am sure we ate plenty, though. They even gave us chicken leg pieces and complementary drinks – I had to choose between a beer and a mock-tail, and I picked a strawberry lemonade.

Note: Sea food is costly in Bangalore. So I felt happy when they served plenty of fishes and prawns – as much as I asked.


There was a lot to choose for main course as well – chicken biryani, rice and chicken/mutton curries, and other side dishes. I liked their salad dressed with sour cream the best – of course, after the barbecued meat – and ate plenty of it just to help my stomach digest all the meat that I had eaten.

I don’t have a sweet-tooth, yet I didn’t want to skip the dessert. I quite liked the kulfi and tiny pieces of cake that they had served. Chocolate brownies were yummy – I had more than one. For people who count the calories that they eat, there were fruits – pineapple, muskmelon and papaya (I guess the options are seasonal).


There was more food – shawarma, Indian chaats and many more things which I couldn’t taste. I would have literally passed out if I had had anymore food. Perhaps, next time. Anyway, Barbeque Nation has always been a pleasant experience…so far.

PS: If you curious about the ‘comics’ that we discussed over this meal, check ‘Fablery’ on Facebook for updates.


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