About Us

FoTa Junction was founded by Reshmy Pillai and Nethra Anjanappa in 2016 to word-love what they already love too much. ♥ – Food & Travel. Both of them are bloggers, authors  and entrepreneurs and wanted to do something more.

It all started with a WhatsApp chat between the two.

Nethra is an editor, a blogger, owns a publishing house called Fablery and is a published author and was writing another book then  while Reshmy is a freelance healthcare content writer, a blogger, owns a literary advertising platform called The Tales Pensieve, is a published author and was writing another book then when the friends started discussing common interests and the need to do something more. Something which was not books and bang! In came – Food & Travel. And FoTa Junction was born.

They intend to cover all aspects of Food and Travel on Fota Junction including Recipes, Restaurant Reviews, Travel Tales, Food and Health articles, Travel articles and much more as they go forward.

FoTa is not just Reshmy and Nethra, they are just the ideaters. The crazy dreamers. FoTa is a whole team of contributors. If you are excited about what we are doing and intend to do and wish to contribute to this site do write to: fotajunction@gmail.com

For us food and travel is the world. And we mean that literally. Contributions about all type of cuisines and all type of places are welcome at FoTa Junction.   

Let’s talk Food & Travel!